Come work with me! Be a Sales Engineer for Redgate

Redgate is growing, and we have some fresh, new open positions around the world which would be a great fit for SQL Server developers or DBAs who would like to transition to a customer-facing role and develop expertise in Redgate’s solutions for Compliant Database DevOps. Here are the listings and locations for three of these roles:

As a DevOps Advocate, the Sales Engineering team is one of my favorite groups to work with at Redgate. These folks get to learn all about database DevOps, and they get to show clients the possibilities for how they can better develop and deliver database changes, as well as how to better protect their data in the software development process.

But the Sales Engineers aren’t only intelligent. Our Sales Engineering team is a group of kind, smart people who are just plain fun to spend time with. Whenever I’m on a call or a webinar with one of the SEs, we work as a team and we have a great time figuring out how to solve problems. Joining our Sales Engineering team means joining one of the most respected and well-known teams inside Redgate.

One note about sales at Redgate

Redgate practices ethical selling. Depending on your life experience, the words “ethical selling” may look a bit like an oxymoron. However, I’ve been working with our sales teams at Redgate for more than a year and I can attest that we really do work our hardest to make sure that we only recommend solutions for the client which fit the team’s needs and which will help the client succeed. There’s no “vapor ware” in this job, only helping people find a solution which empowers them to work more effectively as a team, be more productive, and deliver value for their organization more rapidly.

Don’t know DevOps?

If you’re knowledgeable about databases and are interested in developing expertise in Database DevOps (but aren’t there yet), please feel free and empowered to apply! While it’s terrific to find an applicant who is well versed in it all, this is one of those “unicorn” jobs in my experience where strong experience in a few of the needed areas is what is needed, as there’s not exactly a huge pool of people who tick all the boxes.

If you’d like to specify me as the person who referred you on the application form, that’d be lovely – and full disclosure, I might get a bonus if you get hired. If you don’t feel like listing me, that’s OK too, we’d still love to hear from you.