Do I Need to Master PowerShell?

As a SQL Server DBA, do you need to be a master of PowerShell scripts? In this 9 minute episode, I talk about how much you need to know about PowerShell, and examples of ways I personally use (and struggle with) PowerShell. This episode is part of TSQLTuesday. This month, our topic is hosted by […]

Dear SQL DBA-SQL PASS Summit 2017-Thumbnail

SQL PASS Summit 2017: Why I’m Excited, and Tips on Attending

I’ll be attending and presenting at the SQL PASS Summit in Seattle Washington this year from Oct 31-Nov 3. In this week’s 19 minute episode, I share why I’m excited about going, and why I’ve purchased a seat for a pre-conference session. (Spoiler: pre-cons are awesome!) I also give my tips on how to get […]


How Do You Stay Motivated? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 47)

Over the years, readers have asked me: “How do you stay motivated?” Sticking with a learning plan, blogging, or becoming a public speaker isn’t easy. In this 15 minute episode, I share how I think about motivation and what keeps me going. No time to watch right now or read the transcript below? Listen on […]

Dear SQL DBA-46-I Faked My Resume

“I faked my resume… now what?” (video with transcript)

This week’s question from a reader: “How do I deal with interview questions asking about real-world scenarios when I’ve faked three years of experience on my resume?” Hear my answer in this 14 minute video. No time to watch right now or read the transcript below? Listen on the go! This is available in podcast […]


How to Get Email Notifications for TSQLTuesday

Update: Whoops! I made a mistake in the original run of this post in the setup of the IFTTT applet. I corrected it (hopefully), and updated the post, but TSQL2sday updates on the website happen once a month so still waiting to see the outcome of the test. Lots of us want to write for […]


Recruiters, Nerves, and Saying ‘No’ in Interviews (video with transcript)

In this episode of “Dear SQL DBA”, I talk about three articles written by members of the SQL Server community on interviewing that I can’t stop thinking about: “Playing the Third Party Recruiter Game”, by Adam Machanic –┬áread it here “I Hate Interviews”, by Rob Sewell –┬áread it here “Learning to say ‘No’” by Mark […]