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Did that Query Eliminate Partitions? (videos)

Table partitioning makes execution plans a bit more confusing How much work did that query really have to do? It can be tricky to tell! I have a new online course which walks you through decoding execution plans, including whether or not partition elimination occurred. In this first 10 minute video, I go over concepts for […]


New Free Webcasts on Interviewing and Indexing

Sharpen your performance tuning and indexing skills this summer, for free, one week at a time! I’ve recently added five more free webcasts for summer to my lineup: Thu, July 27, 9AM PST /12 PM EST – The Case of the Slow Temp Table Thu, Aug 10, 9AM PST /12 PM EST – SQL Server […]


Why I’m Inspired to Start Up Live Webcasts Again

For a while now, I’ve been indulging in what feels like a huge guilty pleasure: an almost meeting-free existence. I’ve been living life scheduled on my own terms. I commit to appointments for workouts, volunteering, haircuts, and medical appointments, but not much else. I’ve been publishing pre-recorded videos and online courses which I can make whenever […]


Batch Mode Hacks in SQL Server (Dear SQL DBA Episode 42)

Learn what batch mode is in SQL Server, and how you can trick SQL Server into using it (even without a “real” columnstore index). This week the video, explanation, links, and demo code are all over at SQLWorkbooks.com.  The content just ended up being useful enough that I wanted to be able to link to […]