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WordPress: Create a Sidebar List of Parent/Child Pages

Recently, I wanted to create a list of pages for a custom WordPress sidebar. Specifically, I had a “parent” page, Under this page, I had more than 30 individual quiz “child” pages, each with a URL like this: I wanted: A sidebar list of selected child pages (clickable URLS) The ability to show the sidebar […]

Auto-Tuning and the No 1 Mindset Problem I Had as a DBA

Auto-Tuning and the #1 Mindset Problem I Had as a DBA

A few folks have asked: will auto-tuning and adaptive query plans mean the end of performance tuning jobs for SQL Server? In this week’s episode, I talk about why I’m excited about those features rather than afraid of them. Digging into this problem, I share the #1 mindset problem I had as a DBA, why […]


Slowing Down Your Motor Mouth – Presentation Tips for Fast Talkers

Are you worried that you talk too fast when you give a speech, talk, or presentation? Is fear being a fast-talker one of the concerns that keeps you from getting started with public speaking? In this episode, I give you simple, practical tips that I’ve used to successfully improve the way I give presentations. Four […]


#TSQL2SDAY 96 – Kalen Delaney’s Inspiration for Adventure

This post is part of TSQL Tuesday, a monthly blog party. You’re welcome to join in this party: if you’d like email notifications of future topics, here’s how to set them up. This month’s topic is “Folks Who Have Made a Difference”, by Ewald Cress. This month’s topic is awesome: this is a prompt “to […]


Things I Learned from Speaker Idol 2017 at the SQL PASS Summit

I was lucky enough to serve as a judge for the Speaker Idol competition at the SQL PASS Summit conference this year. One of the great thing about watching presentations and giving feedback on them is that you learn a lot about speaking by watching sessions and crafting your feedback. I’d like to thank everyone who […]

I thought I was an introvert

I Thought I Was An Introvert. Turns Out I Was Anxious as #@*] (Dear SQL DBA Episode 53)

In this week’s episode, I’m not answering a reader’s question. Instead, I’m talking about my personal experience with anxiety. This episode touches on on healthcare, religion, and squishy emotions — and there’s at least one curse word. I don’t talk tech in this episode. (Don’t worry, there’s more of that coming in future weeks.) Oh, […]