Why I’m Inspired to Start Up Live Webcasts Again

For a while now, I’ve been indulging in what feels like a huge guilty pleasure: an almost meeting-free existence. I’ve been living life scheduled on my own terms. I commit to appointments for workouts, volunteering, haircuts, and medical appointments, but not much else. I’ve been publishing pre-recorded videos and online courses which I can make whenever […]


Batch Mode Hacks in SQL Server (Dear SQL DBA Episode 42)

Learn what batch mode is in SQL Server, and how you can trick SQL Server into using it (even without a “real” columnstore index). This week the video, explanation, links, and demo code are all over at SQLWorkbooks.com.  The content just ended up being useful enough that I wanted to be able to link to […]


SQLServer:Databases(_Total)\Transactions/sec vs SQL Statistics\Batch Requests/sec (video)

Perfmon counters are great for measuring workload, but choosing which counter to baseline can be confusing. The Transactions/sec counter has big blind spots Watch a quick 5 minute demo showing that the SQL Statistics\Batch Requests/sec counter sees more of your workload than the Databases(_Total)\Transactions/sec counter does. Want more perfmon tips for SQL Server? Check out my YouTube […]


Should I Get Certified as a DBA? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 41)

Find out if getting certified will help you land an entry level DBA job. If you do want to get certified, get Kendra’s tips on preparing for the exam in this 17 minute episode. Option 1: Listen to or download the audio podcast episode You can listen on the run by subscribing to the podcast on […]


How Does a DBA Build Confidence After Making Mistakes? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 40)

Ever had a database change go horribly wrong? It can feel awful in the moment, then eat away at your confidence for days afterward. In this 20 minute episode Kendra gives you practical steps that help you cope with change over the course of your DBA career. Option 1: Listen to or download the audio […]


Are Bad Statistics Making My Query Slow? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 39)

An important query is suddenly slow. Is it because statistics are out of date? This is tricky to figure out, and updating statistics right away can make troubleshooting even harder. Learn how to use query execution plans to get to the heart of the question and find out if stats are really your problem, or […]