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Thoughts As Pride Month 2020 Comes to a Close

I’ve begun working on developing a couple of small habits this month, thanks largely to Andy Mallon‘s helpful advocacy. Becoming more consistent in sharing my pronouns My pronouns are “she/her.” I only became aware of why it’s helpful to share your pronouns in the last year. Before that, I hadn’t given much thought to it. Andy gives a great explanation of why this is helpful if this is something you are comfortable sharing — here is one quote: For some folks, the obvious pronouns aren’t their preferred pronouns. You share your pronouns to help normalize it so that everyone feels more comfortable sharing pronouns.Andy Mallon in Hi, I’m Andy. My pronouns are he/him. A biography slide showing pronouns along with contact info I’ve started to edit my various biographies online to include my preferred pronouns. I plan to request that conference organizers include an optional space for pronouns in their…
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New Free Course: The Dirty Secrets of NOLOCK

I’m excited to begin moving over courses from SQL Workbooks and making the material available here. The first course up for grabs is The Dirty Secrets of NOLOCK. A little bit about the course What happens when you use NOLOCK hints in your code, or set your isolation level to READ UNCOMMITTED in SQL Server? In 50 minutes of online videos, you will learn what NOLOCK means, why NOLOCK can return incorrect results (and other problems), what allocation order scans are (and how to get them), and other risks and options for reading uncommitted data. Course lessons include: What is NOLOCK? (3 minutes)The dirtiest secret: NOLOCK returns garbage data (10 minutes)The fast alternative to NOLOCK: indexing (5 minutes)Why NOLOCK is a misnomer (7 minutes)Bad phenomena that can occur under NOLOCK (2 minutes)Uses for NOLOCK: admin queries and garbage data (5 minutes)Allocation order scans (13 minutes)A common error with NOLOCK (6…
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How to “Rename” the Master Branch to Main in Git in Azure DevOps

I believe that language matters, and that it is worth our effort to move away from language associated with slavery and racism whenever possible. Azure DevOps doesn’t technically allow you to rename branches– but you can work around the issue by creating a new branch from master, setting the new branch as the default branch, and deleting the master branch. Here’s the Microsoft documentation on this topic. In this video, I create a new default branch named main, then update a pipeline dependent on the default branch name. Note: if you’re using Git in something else like GitHub, you can do this in a simpler way.
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Create a Build with YAML for SQL Change Automation in Azure DevOps

I used to make fun of YAML because I was scared of it. I still make fun of YAML, but I’m not scared of it anymore now that Rob Sewell showed me how to avoid having to write it myself. In this 11 minute video, I show how to set up a YAML build pipeline in Azure DevOps. My build is configured using a Local Agent, and will be building a database using Redgate’s SQL Change Automation.
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Use Chocolatey to Install Multiple SQL Server 2019 Instances for Testing

I’m working on a project where it’s useful to automate environment setup and teardown for testing some devops deployment scenarios for databases using transactional replication. To make this easier, I’m using: Octopus Deploy Runbooks to organize a series of commands (they have a free tier, FYI)Chocolatey to install multiple SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition instances (I’ve written about choco before, it’s also free) While I’m not at all a fan of “stacking” multiple SQL Server Instances into one Windows Installation in production, it’s fine for this testing scenario. But I came across a little puzzle when trying to get this to work: when I tried to use choco install or choco upgrade for my second instance, it saw that SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition was already installed and did nothing. There is a –force option which can be used to install additional instances, but the SQL Server Installer will throw…
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Learn TSQL for free online – starting today

Thanks to the support of Redgate, I’ve launched a new course which teaches you the basics of TSQL. The course is totally free, no logins required — we don’t even ask for the email address. Check out the course on Redgate University The course is here: Each week has an embedded video for the course, along with a link to the syllabus and scripts. The videos also have a timeline in case you wish to jump to a particular part of the discussion. Want to join live? I’m publishing a new module each week, and we have five weeks to go. There’s a calendar reminder in the course if you want to join me live on Wednesdays at 3 pm BST / 11 AM EST, or you can catch the videos each week and follow along. Want to learn Query Tuning, Reporting Services, or PowerBI? Redgate’s Community Circle initiative…
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