New Free Webcasts on Interviewing and Indexing

Webcasting as smooth as… Yeah, about this smooth

Sharpen your performance tuning and indexing skills this summer, for free, one week at a time!

I’ve recently added five more free webcasts for summer to my lineup:

  • Thu, July 27, 9AM PST /12 PM EST – The Case of the Slow Temp Table
  • Thu, Aug 10, 9AM PST /12 PM EST – SQL Server Practice Interview: Performance Tuning
  • Thu, Aug 17, 9AM PST /12 PM EST – Choosing the Best Key for a Nonclustered Index
  • Thu, Aug 24, 9AM PST /12 PM EST – Keys vs Includes in Nonclustered Indexes
  • Thu, Aug 31, 9AM PST /12 PM EST – Why Indexed Views Cause Glory or Grief

Sign up here, and see you soon!

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  • Hey Kendra, will these web casts be recorded and available to view outside of the actual webcast. 9am PST is 2am for me here in Sydney and on a school night as well 🙂

    • Hi Lee,

      Most of the content will end up in courses on – a couple of my webcasts are there already, and I’m currently working on updating the SSMS Shortcuts & Secrets course with new material. For now, the courses at are free. Not all the material will end up on the site and I can’t promise things will always be free, but I’ll do my best!



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