Free Virtual Event: Mental Health and Awareness Day on May 7th

on April 21, 2021

I’ll be giving a 10 minute lightning talk at the upcoming Mental Health and Wellness day event on May 7, 2021, hosted by the Data Platform WIT group.

My session is “Maintaining Balance while Re-Training in a new Professional Area”

It begins at 1:10 PM GMT / 9:10 AM Eastern.

I am inspired to talk on this topic because I’ve shifted my career a few times:

  • From Tech Support to Database Administrator
  • Then to consultant and small business owner
  • Then to Developer Advocate
  • And now I’ve moved into a Product Manager role

These kinds of career shifts are common and healthy in the modern workplace. Moving into a new role often requires quite a bit of new learning at a fast pace, though, and for some of us this can be quite stressful. I’ll share the top lessons that I’ve learned to set myself up for success and protect my health when taking on a new professional challenge.

Can’t join live?

I believe my session will be recorded and made available on YouTube afterwards if the technical stars align.

There’s many more great sessions in the lineup– more info over on the Mental Health and Wellness day event page.