Things That Shouldn’t Be Normal in Database Development (28 minute video/podcast episode)

Many people use entrenched processes for database development that have been in place so long that it’s hard to imagine doing it any other way. In this episode, I share three things that should NOT be normal for database development– but which are incredibly common. This episode is inspired by the book, “The Unicorn Project”, by Gene Kim.

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  • Another plus with getting database code into a cicd pipeline is that static analysis can be added as a step in the build process. So you get a build, unit test and static analysis on your feature branches (assuming git) before anything is merged to a common branch. More control over coding standard can be exercised this way and one can even prevent merges if there is an increase in code smell.

    Having reaped the benefits of treating database code like regular application code it is hard to imagine going back to the days of manual deployments. Looking back now it just seems to have been utter madness and recklessness to have been manually deploying database code.


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