Upcoming Free Webinars on Database Development and Operations

on November 19, 2019

Fall is in swing, and it’s officially webinar season! Here’s a bunch of free events I’ve got on my calendar.

Weekly Database DevOps Live Chats - a new experiment on YouTube

Stop by to chat! In this session I’ll be talking about what I’ve learned lately, what’s new in Redgate products, and whatever comes up with those who stop by live.

  • Weds, Nov 20th - 9:30 am Pacific - YouTube Link (30 minutes)
  • Weds, Nov 27th - 9:30 am Pacific - YouTube Link (30 minutes)

How to Make Your 2020 Monitoring Strategy a Success

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! I’ll be chatting with BMW’s Tony Maddonna about monitoring in the real world. (The invite says my name is Arneh Eskandari, but I’ll be subbing in for Arneh as he’s been called away to Jury Duty.)

  • Wed, Nov 20th - 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern - Register

Essential Practices for High Performing Database DevOps Teams

Learn the four essential practices and see demos of these practices in action in this free session.

  • Tue, Nov 26th - 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern - Register

Why the Database is at the Heart of DevOps Success

Join me and William Durkin from Data Masterminds for insights about how to succeed at database DevOps.

  • Fri, Nov 29 - 6:00 AM Pacific / 9:00 AM Eastern / 3PM CET - ScaleUp 360 online conference - Register

Managing and Automating Test Datasets for DevOps

I’ll be talking about data with Jeffrey Palermo of Clearmeasure. Join us!

  • Weds, Dec 4 - 7:30 AM Pacific / 10:30 AM Eastern - Register