Desktop Wallpapers and Webcasts on Isolation Levels and Memory

Detective Scoots solves SQL Server performance problems

I’ve been having lots of fun drawing and doing webcasts this summer. I’ve got four SQL Server themed desktop wallpapers to share, and I’ve got lots more coming– along with a new chunk of free webcasts

SQL Server desktop wallpapers

I have four wallpapers available for free:

  • Top Queries in SQL Server
  • SSMS Shortcuts & Secrets
  • Partitioning Jargon
  • The Case of the Slow Temp Table Update (featuring Detective Scoots)

Download them at!

I would love it if you shared the downloads with others. The very nicest way to share is to share the URL (instead of just sending the files).

More webcasts!

My weekly webcast is a big highlight of my week. I really love the great questions and comments I get: that helps a ton when figuring out how to turn this content into online courses. I’ve scheduled a bunch of new webcasts through October. Here are the topics:

  • Aug 10 – SQL Server Practice Interview: Performance Tuning
  • Aug 17 – Choosing the Best Key for a Nonclustered Index
  • Aug 24 – Keys vs Includes in Nonclustered Indexes
  • Aug 31 – Why Indexed Views Cause Glory or Grief
  • Sep 21 – Read Committed is Bonkers
  • Sep 28 – Filtered Indexes: Fantastic or Frustrating?
  • Oct 5 – RCSI and Snapshot Isolation in SQL Server
  • Oct 19 – Pressure Testing Memory Configuration

Register for free webcasts at


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