Why I’m Inspired to Start Up Live Webcasts Again

For a while now, I’ve been indulging in what feels like a huge guilty pleasure: an almost meeting-free existence. I’ve been living life scheduled on my own terms. I commit to appointments for workouts, volunteering, haircuts, and medical appointments, but not much else. I’ve been publishing pre-recorded videos and online courses which I can make whenever it feels right.

There’s been a couple of reasons for this. When it started, I wanted a major break from meetings. I wanted to see what it was like to have a more flexible schedule. It turns out I sometimes like working early, or late, and I like doing some writing on Sundays.

For the last four months, there have been some practical reasons around this, too. There’s a house renovation and building boom going on in Portland, and three construction crews have been madly at work directly outside my windows for months. Between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm, it’s been hard to predict when jackhammers, nail-guns, hollering, and other colorful noises might happen. (Bright sides to this: I’m getting a lot better at recording shorter segments. And I also took up meditation, which it turns out is great for me.)

But as those construction projects are wrapping up (and thankfully, they’re close to done), I find that I’m inspired to schedule some… meetings. Specifically, I’m going to start scheduling live webcasts.

I attended two webcasts in the last two weeks, and they were awesome

A while back, I found some really useful info on editing in Final Cut ProX on Larry Jordan’s website. I signed up for his newsletter, and I’ve attended some of his weekly webcasts recently, on the topics of using stills in FCPX, and multi-cam editing in FCPX.

And I fell in love with webcasts all over again.

There really is something about showing up for a live event and hearing a warm voice sometimes that’s pretty terrific. I haven’t lost my love of a-synchronicity, for sure, but Larry’s webcasts put me in the mood to change things up and get back to doing webcasts on my own.

There may be some days when there’s a little unplanned background noise, but I’m sure we’ll make it through!

I’m going to do a mix of “Dear SQL DBA” questions and other technical topics

My plan is to start scheduling a weekly webcast, all about SQL Server performance tuning and database administration:

  1. The Dear SQL DBA podcast and YouTube show will have a webcast every second week — and it’ll still go out as a podcast and a YouTube video, too!
  2. On alternate weeks, I’ll do a webcast on SQL Server topics that I’m working on for video training, conference sessions, or things I’m blogging about.
    • Some of these will end up on YouTube afterward, some of them will be live only, it’ll depend on the topic
    • Most of these will probably be demo-heavy and not very audio-only friendly, so they won’t be podcast episodes

You’ll be able to sign up for each of the events in advance and set up calendar reminders, of course. I’m considering doing the webcast at two different times per day after a while, but I’m going to get started with just a single time slot before I get too crazy.

If you’ve got requests for webcast topics, submit it as a question to Dear SQL DBA! I’d love to hear what you need help on.

I’ll be working on all the plumbing of setting things up in the next few days, so expect to see more info about webcast sign-ups next week.


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  • Thanks for the update Kendra…. I was wondering what was going on lately since my Dear SQL DBA episode notifications were not popping in my phone anymore!

    Have fun with your real-time training… I’ll try to join as much as possible!

    • Hey Martin!

      I am trying to keep the Dear SQL DBA podcast in the mix, along with the webcasts. My plan is to have the podcast be about the “making of / behind the scenes” for the free webcasts — why I thought the question was interesting, what was tough about it to answer, that kind of thing.

      I have a podcast episode ready to record, but as luck would have it, today is a day of “saw cutting metal” construction noise right outside the house, which isn’t quite ideal. Hopefully should be able to get it out this week and get back into the swing of things again soon!


  • Latest available is “Which Queries are Causing my Wait Stats? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 44) ” dated 25.05.2017. Do plan to upload new episodes?

    • Hi Alex,

      I do plan to get back to the podcast. I’m currently working out how to get it into my schedule, is all. Right now I’m publishing most of the weekly webcasts as free courses over on SQLWorkbooks.com, and getting the webcasts and courses complete is currently maxing out my schedule. There may be some scoping work I can do to make more room for the podcast, but for now I’ve just been focusing on figuring out how to meet the weekly schedule, which is tricky itself 🙂



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