My Six Month Plan, Post Brent Ozar Unlimited

on December 1, 2015

It’s a big week for me! I’m moving on from Brent Ozar Unlimited.


First, I Gotta Say Thanks

Starting and building Brent Ozar Unlimited was a wonderful ride. I loved the challenges and the victories, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I know Brent, Jessica, Doug, Erik, Erika, and Angie are going to keep building the awesomeness and bring amazing things to the SQL Server community. I’m right there in line to be their #1 fan.

Thanks for all the laughs and thoughts and insights you shared with me, guys.

Figuring Out What’s Next: A Six Month Plan

My questionable artwork will continue

Recently, a good friend said he had one regret about his life lately. If he had a ‘redo’ button, he’d take some time between jobs and plan a do-it-yourself sabbatical.

He didn’t know that he was giving me advice. But that conversation stuck with me.

I’m a really structured person. As an adult I first had jobs, and I built that into a career. Work is a really big part of my identity, but “work” isn’t the same thing as a job to me anymore. I’m lucky enough to have a career that I’m really interested in, and I love researching. I love writing. I love teaching.

I can spend six months executing on my own research, learning, and teaching plan. This is an opportunity I shouldn’t pass up!

Setting Goals and Milestones

Right now, I’m building the six month plan. I’m outlining where I want to be at the end of the six months and setting what I think are reasonable milestones along the way. I’m dreaming big and also trying to be realistic. I’m filling the whiteboard in my office with words and lines.

I’m not ready to announce all the specifics yet, but what I do will contain:


  • Lots of blog posts here on SQL Server topics
  • Writing new presentations and submitting them to conferences, user groups, free events
  • A few drawings and posters, because POSTERS

And I don’t know yet what’s after the six months. I’ve got time to figure that out.

Why Not Have Some Fun?

My plan sounds a lot like work, I know. But it’s work with the most flexible schedule I’ll ever have in my life– no deadlines, totally self-imposed goals.

So it’s a great time to travel! Jeremiah and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam, Morocco, and Barcelona in early 2016. We’re also going to see lots of family around the country in December and January. California! Ohio! Virginia! Here we come.

2016 is Going to be Awesome

I’m extremely grateful for my time at Brent Ozar Unlimited. And so excited for what’s coming, too.