Are You a Woman in Tech Working with SQL Server? Join the SQLWIT Slack Channel!

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Are you a woman in technology that works with SQL Server or other databases? You might like to join our new slack channel –

Why have a slack channel for WIT?

Slack chat rooms are great for connecting with people and collaborating. Many DBAs work alone, and women in software development teams or working in IT often don’t have a lot of other women in their teams.

It’s a great experience to get to know other women who work in related fields and exchange ideas. Slack is a way we can do that.

What do people chat about?

Slack is flexible. You can create “channels” for different topics, and have conversations in real time, or even asynchronously with people around the world.

For starters, we have channels for topics like getting help, finding/advertising jobs, and blogging.

Members can talk in whatever channels you’re interested in and create new channels. The slack room will go wherever the group is interested.

Want to sign up?

Email me at [email protected] with the subject line  “SQLWIT slack channel”, and I’ll send an invite your way!

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[…] that post. But I want to give a shout-out to her for a different reason as well. Kendra started a SQLWIT slack channel about 2 years ago. I made the impulsive decision to ask her to add me when I saw her initial tweet […]


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