Free Session: The Mystery of Query Timeouts

I’m giving a webinar tomorrow! (Do people still use the word webinar? Was that just incredibly uncool?)

There’s still spots open, so register today. Here’s a drawing from my slide deck and what I’ll be talking about.

Note: This is part of Triage Tuesdays, a set of free weekly sessions from Brent Ozar PLF. Look for more good stuff coming soon.

July 26 – The Mystery of Query Timeouts Brent Ozar PLF Tuesday Tech Triage, 9:30 AM Pacific / 11:30AM Central / Noon thirty Eastern

“People are complaining about query timeouts. I don’t see anything happening in SQL Server, but they always say the database is the problem. How can I tell what’s really going on?”

When your users keep hitting timeouts in their application, they naturally think the database is killing off helpless queries. In this webinar Kendra Little will tell you how to triage treacherous timeout situations and collect hard evidence about whether or not the problem is in the database. Do the right detective work and you can turn your frustrated users and irate developers into raving fans.

This session will be 200-level – you should have familiarity with OLTP concepts and understand what DMVs and Profiler are, but you don’t have to be an expert with them.

Register for the free webcast here.