2011: More Nerdy Drawrings (TSQL Tuesday #14)

TSQL Tuesday, 2011 Style… This month’s #tsql2sDay is hosted by Jen McCown ( blog | twitter ) and Jen’s question is “What techie resolutions have you been pondering, and why?” And a quick congrats to Ms McCown on her new SQL Server MVP Award! I Resolve to Draw More Geeky Pictures Last night I wondered, “How would I draw a picture of the Storage Engine?” So that’s what I’m going to do this year. I’m going to draw the storage engine and all its friends, plus much more. Not every blog post or presentation slide will have drawings, but there will be lots more than last year. (See that? That’s an achievably vague goal!) mmmmmmmm Uh, Why Would You Draw a Picture of the Storage Engine? I think it helps share how I see the world. But mostly I think it’s fun. I like to make my presentation slides colorful and…
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What the Business Wants: FEATURES

It’s TSQL Tuesday Again… This month’s #tsql2sDay is hosted by Steve Jones (blog | twitter), and the topic is “What the Business Says is Not What the Business Wants.” Steve asks the question: What issues have you had in interacting with the business to get your job done? I thought about this for a long time. Eventually I realized that I wanted to see the pattern in the trees from the last ten years. What the Business Says: “We Want Features!” As a DBA working with software developers, I’ve heard many times from the business that they want new features. They need a new feature to land a big client, to be the first to market with something, to retain a client, to compete with x. They need a feature to land on Mars, and if we can’t do that reliably, well, we should just do that once. They don’t care…
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TSQL Tuesday #12: Why Are DBA Skills Necessary? Fido, Please Turn Your Head And Cough.

TSQL Tuesday Came Early This Month It’s sort of like Daylight Savings time for #TSQL2sday. Since PASS is next week and we’ll all be busy tweeting from the convention center instead of talking to one another face to face (or the opposite, take your pick), we’re blogging a week early. This month’s topic is hosted by Paul Randal (blog | twitter), and the topic is “Why are DBA skills necessary?” Quick, A Metaphor! Having a DBA around is like having a veterinarian on staff. When you are managing enough animals and their health really matters, you make sure you have a specialist on staff who can respond to them and give you advice on their care and feeding. (In this metaphor, the animal  is the application. SQL Server supports its combination of organs and gooey living-systems.) The main areas that are covered by vets and DBAs are all the same:…
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Learning that Presenting is Worth Doing

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic is hosted by Robert Davis and the topic is “How do you learn? How do you teach? What are you learning or teaching?” Learning: If it’s Not Fun, You’re Doing It Wrong Like many people, I’m an active learner. I learn by doing something– writing something down helps me remember it, discussing it with someone helps more, and applying the information to solve a problem really cements it.  If I’m learning something by reading or hearing which is related to something I’ve been able to use actively, then it’s easier for me. Essentially, I think learning is a lot like playing a game. It can be frustrating when you’re first getting down the basic rules to play at first, but once you know what you’re doing you can much more easily learn variations on the game, learn similar games, teach others to play, and even make up your own rules.…
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SQL Server 2008/2008R2: My Favorite Feature

1. My New Crush: PowerPivot When it comes to R2, PowerPivot is the big charmer for me. It’s as much fun as my spiralizer, and that’s saying a lot. If you don’t know what a spiralizer is, it’s a magical little piece of plastic with a few blades that lets you turn a zuchinni into super long curly strands of veggie pasta, which makes it suddenly more than normal squash. You can also make curly fries, slice onions, and do all sorts of crazy cool things a normal person can’t make with an ordinary kitchen knife. Spiralizer & PowerPivot = way more than slicing PowerPivot is just as fun. You can suck in tons and tons of rows with no worries– I’ve already done 850K from my preproduction environment in less than 30 seconds (and the disks in Pre-Prod ain’t exactly smokin fast). And then you can not only slice and dice…
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