Tally table

Filling in Data Potholes Redux: Tally Tables vs CTEs

In A Previous Installment Re-Ducks … our heroine (that’s me) rediscovered CTEs, specifically in the recursive style. That was in my post “Filling in Data Potholes with Recursive CTEs.” To recap: I was working on a problem with gaps in temporal data. The basic scenario was: Imagine that you are writing a script that looks at data grouped by the minute. You notice that there are no rows for some minutes, and you’d like to display a value when that is the case, probably showing a count of zero. For the particular problem I was looking at, I was using small datasets and generating a list of all the valid dates with a recursive CTE performed well for me. From the Comments The best thing about blogging is not really sharing what you know: it’s getting to learn more. You get to learn from the process of writing the blog,…
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