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Automating SQL Local Security Policy Rights: PoSH and NTRights

The Basics on Local Security Policy Rights and SQL Server… There are a couple of local security policy rights that are not granted by default in SQL Server setup that I’ve been setting manually for a few years now: Lock Pages In Memory Allows large page allocation Prevents the SQL Server process from being paged out Perform Volume Maintenance Tasks Instant initialization on data files It’s a fairly click-heavy process to add the permissions for these through the Local Security Policy GUI. I prefer that these permissions be granted to the local security group for sql server that’s created in Windows, and that really requires a lot of clicks, unless you can remember and enter a group name like this without any typos: SQLServerMSSQLUser$servername$MSSQLSERVER  or SQLServerMSSQLUser$servername$INSTANCENAME By the way, what is up with using the $ in the group names?  If someone can tell me, I would love to know.…
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Are you Slipstreaming? The Very Best Way to Install SQL Server!

Filed under: Awesome things I learned at SQLPASS! Somehow, I didn’t know about slipstreaming installations of SQL Server until last week. I heard about them at SQLPASS in Allan Hirt’s session on installing SQL Server 2008 on Windows 2008 clusters. What’s Slipstreaming? Slipstreaming is creating a single installation directory and process for installing SQL Server along with any Service Packs (SP) and/or Cumulative Update (CU). You can use unattended installation files with a slipstream installation, just like normal. So in other words, you get a single, smooth, optimized install, completely configurable to run from the command line! I love imaging, but I like this even better because it’s easy for me to keep different configuration files for standalone vs clustered installs, and the installation works on different hardware profiles. Every time I want to move to a new SP and/or CU, I can quickly and easily create a slipstream drop…
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