PowerPoint How To

Write down your presentation ideas - you don't need PowerPoint for this.

How to Make a Presentation: Writing Versus PowerPoint

How do you make your next PowerPoint presentation great? We all know that PowerPoint presentations can be horrible. This Isn’t a Powerpoint How To. It’s How To Make a Presentation. The most common mistake in making a presentation is getting started in PowerPoint or Keynote right away. If you dive in to PowerPoint too soon you will over complicate your slides. Your narrative will be stronger if you start by taking a larger, more strategic view of your presentation. These steps will show you how to make a logical, complete presentation. 1. Write Down Your Presentation Ideas Constantly Pre PowerPoint / Keynote (Time: a few minutes each day) You get ideas a lot. Write them down in Evernote or jot them in a notebook you carry with you. Put down enough specifics so later you have some idea what the details were and why you liked it. You don’t need…
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