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Automation: Granting Read Perms for Developers

Yeah, you heard me. “But Kendra, why would we want to grant developers read  permissions? And why would we automate  it? And at what point did you lose your mind?” Well, Virginia, there may or may not be a Santa Claus, but there are a lot of developers and good reasons to give them read access on many SQL Server instances. In my world, it’s every instance in the pre-production environment, which is a couple  hundred and growing. And it ain’t just read they’re needing, they should be empowered with all of: In master: View server state– so they can look at all those pesky spids they can block, and which may be causing problems they’re investigating.In msdb: db_datareader — so they can query things not easily seen through the GUI SQLAgentReaderRole — so they can look at currently executing jobs and history through the GUI In each user database:…
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