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Remembering Robert Davis, aka @SQLSoldier

I woke up early on Tuesday with a hundred things to do and plenty of energy to match my task list. By noon, I’d made a loaf of bread, helped a friend solve a tech mystery, and had various professional adventures. Then I opened Twitter and saw the news that Robert Davis passed away. I haven’t really gotten much done in the hours since, except think about Robert. And cry a bit. And laugh. It feels weird laughing, but I think Robert would understand. Robert was one of the smartest people I’ll ever meet Robert’s mind, and his memory, were amazing. He learned quickly and he had amazing recall of facts, he was so accurate and fast! Robert was someone who really knew it all, when it came to SQL Server – but he was the opposite of a know-it-all. He loved learning things, and he was always excited to…
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Adding a Downloadable Calendar Event File to WordPress without a Plugin

Let’s say you’ll be doing an event soon — say a Facebook Live event– and you want to create a calendar reminder for folks to download. Lots of us live and die by calendar invites, so this can be helpful to get people to attend. It seems like it’d be an easy enough thing to generate a file for this invitation and embed it on a WordPress page, but I managed to mess this up six ways to Sunday recently. Here’s what I goofed up, and how I got it working. Note: if you want to skip the long story, there’s a recap of the steps that work at the end of the post. Generating an invitation file – what not to do on a Mac I use a mac, so my first attempt was to generate the file using iCal, aka Calendar.app. I created the event, and then right…
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SQL Server 2026: BAGI Edition (#TSQL2SDAY 100!)

It’s T-SQL Tuesday’s 8 year birthday (or close enough), and Adam Machanic has challenged us with the question: what will the world be like when T-SQLTuesday turns 16? Not familiar with T-SQL Tuesday? It’s a monthly event where you’re invited to join in blogging on a given topic. Invitations are posted centrally here, and here’s how to set up emails if you’d like the invitation in your inbox. In 2026, SQL Server will still exist, but times will have changed Individual servers, virtual machines, instances, databases – many of us will still know those concepts well and fondly. But most new applications will be written for and deployed on BAGIs. The Big BAGI: Big Awesome Giant Infrastructure Big BAGIs will be giant compute clusters, run by a variety of providers. These compute clusters won’t have any tape storage, no spinning disks, not even any SSDs as we know them today.…
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New Free Webinars! Index Tuning, Free Q&A, and Isolation Levels

I’ve got a whole slew of free webcasts and events coming this spring. I’m excited about each and every one of them! My next event is a free session sponsored by IDERA software on index tuning. For this event, you register on IDERA’s site: Mar 21 – Why Did My Clever Index Change Backfire? (Geek Sync with IDERA) Register here! After that, I’ll be doing webcasts, plus a Q&A session with the Professional Association for SQL Server using Facebook Live. Mar 22 – Configuring MAXDOP Mar 27 – PASS Facebook Live Pop-Up Q&A Session Apr 5 – Configuring Cost Threshold Apr 26 – Snapshot Isolation on AG Secondaries May 10 – Read Committed is Bonkers (repeat showing) May 24 – RCSI & Snapshot Isolation (repeat showing) Sign up here (and grab a calendar download for the Q&A session. Hope to see you at these events!
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Overheard: “I just think there’s not that many women who enjoy coding. And I say that based on my daughter, too.”

Update: Instead of reading this blog post, I suggest you read the article, “The Secret History of Women in Computing: Computer programming once had much better gender balance than it does today. What went wrong?“ Spoiler: The thing that went wrong wasn’t that women stopped liking to code. I’m at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond, Washington this week. This is a great event for learning from the folks building amazing new technology at Microsoft, giving feedback and representing the community, and meeting and learning from other MVPs from around the world. This is a week of optimism and inspiration and thinking about possibility. But this morning I got a reminder of the mindsets and assumptions that limit this possibility. That squash that inspiration. That make people, particularly women, think, “tech isn’t for me.” This post is an exploration of a comment that I found surprisingly “squashing.” This post isn’t…
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Using YouTube Captions & Transcript to Find Content in a Long Video

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This week, I was pretty pumped to see that PASS published Erin Stellato (twitter) and Dejan Krakovic’s (linked in) excellent session on Query Store to the public. I attended this session live at the conference, and I remembered that there was one specific part on memory limits in Query Store that I wanted to watch again. I’d jotted down a note about it, but things were flying by and my note was gibberish. The recording is 75 minutes long, and it’s a great session, but I wanted to just find this one part at the moment. However, I couldn’t remember if the comment was early or late in the session. Transcripts to the rescue! Transcripts are kinda hard to see in YouTube, and I only discovered them when I was playing around with YouTube in the process of captioning my own videos. To open transcripts, I had to click on…
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