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Watch: Getting executive buy in for DevOps – 3 top tips (video)

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DevOps is the way of the future – but not all executives understand that yet DevOps practices are powerful tools to build productive, engaged teams who constantly learn and regularly deliver value to their customers. High DevOps performers report greater workplace satisfaction than their peers. But implementing DevOps isn’t a matter of being great at writing code: to become a high DevOps performer, you need the powerful catalyst of executive support. Communicating the value of DevOps to company leaders requires changing your perspective In this webinar, I discuss the value of DevOps from the perspectives of CEOs, CIOs/CTOs, and Managers. We explore how the role of CIOs and CTOs are undergoing a major transformation, and how DevOps aligns with that transformation. You will discover a fresh take on how to discuss DevOps with company leaders, and an understanding of how to explain the value of DevOps to people in these…
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Kendra Little and Malathi Mahadevan before the keynote

PASS Summit 2018 – Keynote Day 2 Commentary

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Kendra and Malathi Mahadevan before the keynote It’s the second main-session day of the Summit for the Professional Association of SQL Server. I had a great breakfast this morning with Brent Ozar, along with Nathan and James from my first timer group. If you attend Summit for the first time in the future, this is a great program and you should join up. I’m jazzed to follow the keynote this morning. Like yesterday, I’m going to capture the highlights into a slide deck and publish them below. Let’s do this! Highlights… and lowlights So… I didn’t love it today. I have some comments in the slides as to why. As a presenter, and as someone who can influence event organizers, I have a lot to reflect on after today about how we can improve at inspiring people across cultures and genders in an international community. That’s the positive takeaway I…
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PASS Summit 2018 – Day 1 Keynote Announcements

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Kendra at the blogger table with Bob Pusateri and Brent Ozar Good morning from Seattle, at the Summit for the Professional Association of SQL Server. I’m lucky enough to be sitting at the blogger table this morning, watching the keynote of announcements. I’m following along with the keynote and making notes on slides — and I’ll share those slides with you below. Don’t feel like reading or rewatching the presentation? Join me on Tuesday, Nov 20th, with Grant Fritchey and Steve Jones in a webcast to sum up everything we learned at PASS Summit! Register Keynote summary in slides SQL PASS Summit 2018 from KendraLittle2 Text from the slides PASSION award winner: Michael Johnson Rohan Kumar Hybrid cloud is the true enabler for digital transformationAI is helping MS customers Understand their customers and better meet their needsImprove their operationsCritical to build training model on data that spans the hybrid estate…
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Watch: The single question to predict success for DevOps (31 minutes)

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What if you could assess the performance level of your team by asking one simple question? In his recent webinar with Redgate, Gene Kim (@realgenekim) suggests that you can. In this 30 minute session, I discuss three insights from the recent ‘Gene Kim joins Redgate to discuss The 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report’ webinar (recording). I also dig into why these insights make a compelling argument for modifying your organization’s change control process. Key Insights from Gene Kim that I discuss in the session The question, “To what degree do we fear doing deployments?” on a scale of 1 to 7, is a simple way to measure whether or not your company is a high performer Although database operations has been a high-spend area for a long time, it has been comparatively impoverished in most organizations when it comes to tooling and automation, as compared to other areas of…
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Interviewing for your first tech job – slides

I was lucky to get an opportunity to present a session to some college students at Seminole State College in Florida last week. I was in town for SQL Saturday Orlando– a fantastic event on its own. The organizers run a simultaneous seminar for students at the college studying software development and IT topics, and it’s an opportunity where they can hear from professionals in IT professions. I gave a session on interviewing best practices. The students were a terrific audience, and I really enjoyed speaking. The slides I shared that day are here: Interviewing for your first tech jobDownload
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SQL Change Automation, Visual Studio, and the “Unknown SQL Server Platform” error

I recently set up Redgate’s SQL Change Automation in Visual Studio 2017, and I ran into a confusing error when I started trying to use it. For any other folks out there searching on “Unknown SQL Server Platform,” here’s how I got past it. Spoiler: Visual Studio suggested updating Microsoft’s SQL Server Data Tools, which failed for me and wasted a lot of time. Updating Visual Studio did fix my issue. The basics on my setup When I installed Visual Studio 2017, I selected the ‘Data storage and processing’ workload, which contains SQL Server Data tools as well as some of the Redgate tools: Visual Studio 2017 workloads I used the default checkboxes on the right there, installing everything except F# desktop language support. First, I created a new project In the ‘SQL Change Automation’ window, I clicked ‘Create Project’, selected ‘SQL Change Automation Project’ and gave it a name, and click…
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