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Links and Resources from “How to Architect Successful Database Changes”

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Group exercises beginning around the room Steve Jones and I had a great time today talking about source control for databases and release patterns for performance and availability in Seattle. We had a great group of folks who asked terrific questions, made thoughtful comments, and interacted throughout the day. Here are some links and resources from the day… Suggestion for configuration option to make SQL Server Developer Edition act like Standard Edition This has been requested by the community for many years, but now is the right time to please vote up this suggestion. After all, Microsoft just made Transparent Data Encryption as well as a whole slew of other cool things available in Standard Edition in SQL Server 2019. Things have really changed in Microsoft, and your voice matters — voting and commenting helps! The unnecessary evil of the shared development database Troy Hunt‘s amazing post from 2011 is…
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Why I Make Animated Gifs for Presentation Demo Backups

PASS Summit 2019 starts up next Monday with pre-conference sessions. I’ve got my schedule all set, and I’m going to be busy: I’m speaking in two full-day pre-conference sessions, giving two regular sessions, judging the ever-exciting Speaker Idol competition, and also spending time at the Redgate booth in the expo hall. Oh, and I scored a little PASS-TV interview to talk about Redgate right before the keynote on the first day. (SQUEE!) I am super lucky to have all these awesome activities lined up, but one thing is clear… I need to be PREPARED I will not have a lot of time to react if something goes wrong, such as laptop failure, a critical VM that won’t boot up, poor internet connection, etc. When it comes to my talks, I keep copies of my presentations in the cloud and on USB keys in case my laptop fails– that’s no big…
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Thinking About Robert Davis

It’s been more than a year and a half since Robert Davis passed away. I wrote a bit about Robert’s passing last April. I haven’t written about him since, but I think about Robert a lot. I think about Robert when I work on a tough problem that he would have found interesting, when chatting about database nerdery on Twitter, when preparing for a conference or training that I know he would have been excited to attend. I remember him when I get a great new photo of one of my dogs, because I know he would have loved to see it. When I remember Robert now, I remember how delighted he was to solve all sorts of puzzles, and I remember the sound of his laughter. He helps me try to remember to be kind. To be more helpful to others. I don’t have a big takeaway or piece…
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Building my schedule for PASS Summit 2019

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It’s just ten days until PASS Summit 2019 begins in Seattle. The schedule is up and there are loads of good sessions. Here’s what I’m putting on my calendar to make sure that I don’t miss it — along with some things that I wish I could attend that I’ll be sure to catch the videos of afterwards. Monday, Nov 4: “Redgate SQL in the City Summit Seattle” Pre-Con Day – Room 3AB This is going to be a fantastic day — loads of DevOps learning and sharing. I’ll be talking about implementing and improving Database DevOps with some of my very favorite DevOps and SQL Server specialists: Steve Jones, Grant Fritchey, Ike Ellis, Hamish Watson, and Arneh Eskandari. The great thing about having a list of speakers like this is that you get to hear about varied real-world experiences and different takes on topics, plus there is loads of…
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Workshop Report: Overcoming Obstacles on the Journey to Continuous Delivery for Databases (video with transcript)

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I am living the dream, y’all: yesterday I was finishing up my workday and needed to record a video, but realized that our puppy had spent enough time in her crate for the day already. So, I did the obvious: she’s my co-star in the video. This is what YouTube is for, right? In this video, Freyja the puppy and I talk about a recent workshop which I facilitated at the IDC DevOps conference in London. We cover: 01:45 The workshop methodology: about the Lightning Decision Jam Session, by AJ&Smart / Jonathan Courtney. I think this is a great format, and you may want to use this yourself for a workshop with your team (on any problem-solving topic)05:33 Key findings from our group about how to overcome the top obstacles to Continuous delivery for databases A transcript of the session is below the video. Transcript (edited a bit for clarity)…
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Setting a Custom Variable in an Azure DevOps Pipeline with PowerShell

Here’s a quick post on something simple which stumped me for a while, in the hopes that search engines help someone else who gets confused in the same way. Recently, I was doing a bit of work in Azure DevOps Services, preparing a demo for an upcoming webinar about Redgate’s solutions. (Shameless plug: the webinar is free.) Part of the demo does the following magic, using a branch policy and pull request automation trigger, combined with some of Redgate’s extensions: Builds/validates database codeCreates a lightweight clone of the “production” database (I’m using a copy of StackOverflow, thanks Brent & the folks at Stack)Creates a release artifact summarizing the changes that’ll be deployed to the clone, exports it, then deploys the changes This combination of actions is lovely — reviewers of the pull request have validation that the code builds, they know it deploys successfully, and they can even look at…
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