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Database Reliability Engineering (22 minute video)

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I was fascinated yesterday to come across the term, “Database Reliability Engineering,” which I hadn’t seen before. In this 22 minute whiteboarding session, I talk about why we need new terms for “Database Administration,” and my initial understanding of what Database Reliability Engineering means by comparison.
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Online, Resumable, and WAIT_AT_LOW_PRIORITY operations in SQL Server

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ONLINE operations in SQL Server were simple to understand for years — we got ONLINE index rebuilds in SQL Server 2005. That was it for a while. Then, things got more complicated: we got more types of indexes. We got ONLINE options for schema changes that don’t involve indexes. We got more options for managing things like blocking, because online operations are really only mostly online — generally there’s going to be at least a short period where an exclusive lock is needed to update metadata. We now have some RESUMABLE operations coming in, too, for those big operations that are tough to handle. Along the way, I fell behind. Because these features have steadily come out over a period of time, my brain simply didn’t register them all, or possibly I missed seeing them amid other announcements. Having realized this, I did a little inventory: here’s my rundown of…
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What would you say you do here?

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The other day, I was looking back at an excellent blog post my colleague Jamie Wallis wrote about what Product Marketing Managers do at Redgate. I really like the chart he created which explains how Product Marketing Managers work with Product Managers — what each role focuses on, and where they collaborate. I realized that my own role as an Advocate can also be hard to understand. I did a podcast episode a while back on the topic — at the time, my role was called “Evangelism” rather than “Advocacy” — but I don’t expect my colleagues to listen to a podcast to figure out what value I can provide. Why does it matter if people know what you do? I work in a very collaborative role, but I’m not special: all roles which work with databases are increasingly collaborative. Even if you act more as a service provider than…
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Installing Redgate SQL Toolbelt with Chocolatey (video with transcript)

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Chocolatey is a package manager that helps you install, upgrade, and uninstall packages (applications) on Windows quickly and easily from the command line. Spoilers: The command I show in the video is simply: choco install sqltoolbelt Fun fact, you can also upgrade: choco upgrade sqltoolbeltAnd uninstall: choco uninstall sqltoolbelt The rest of the 6.5 minutes is about related tools you may want to install, and why this is all needed. Links from the video — check these out while you watch https://chocolatey.org/products#fosshttps://chocolatey.org/packages/SqlToolbelt Gists with sample commands for useful installs for Microsoft Data Platform database folks: Aaron Nelson’s ListKendra’s List (forked from Aaron’s to track my own preferences)Rob Sewell’s List Video explaining Chocolatey and showing how to install SQL Toolbelt (6.5 minutes) Transcript Hello and welcome to this live stream episode. My name is Kendra Little and I am a DevOps Advocate at Redgate. Today I’m going to show you something…
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My Git CLI Cheat Sheet

I created a cheat sheet for the Git Command Line Interface to go along with my Git tutorial for SQL Change Automation video. I find the Git CLI to be very friendly and easier to learn than a GUI interface. Setup Download git CLI: https://git-scm.com/downloads git clone <url> Clone a remote repo (maybe an empty one) into your local directory. Ref. git init If not cloning, you might initialize a fresh repo locally. Ref. .gitignore file I often show people how to use Git with Redgate’s SQL Change Automation. For that tool, you can download and unzip the .gitignore file to the folder where your .sqlproj file lives: https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/sca4/Version+control. Another great resource for figuring out what to ignore is http://gitignore.io/ Essentials git status Lists modified or added files, with status as to whether they are staged. Ref. git add . Stages all modified or added files. You must stage before…
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Upcoming Free Webinars on Database Development and Operations

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Fall is in swing, and it’s officially webinar season! Here’s a bunch of free events I’ve got on my calendar. Weekly Database DevOps Live Chats – a new experiment on YouTube Stop by to chat! In this session I’ll be talking about what I’ve learned lately, what’s new in Redgate products, and whatever comes up with those who stop by live. Weds, Nov 20th – 9:30 am Pacific – YouTube Link (30 minutes)Weds, Nov 27th – 9:30 am Pacific – YouTube Link (30 minutes) How to Make Your 2020 Monitoring Strategy a Success Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! I’ll be chatting with BMW’s Tony Maddonna about monitoring in the real world. (The invite says my name is Arneh Eskandari, but I’ll be subbing in for Arneh as he’s been called away to Jury Duty.) Wed, Nov 20th – 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern – Register Essential Practices for High Performing…
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