Poster in the works: SSMS Shortcuts Explained by Cats

I had a fun highlight recently that I wanted to share. I’ve got a new poster idea I’m crazy about. SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts, Explained by Cats I’m working through this iteratively: I’m doing drawings for select lessons in my free course, SSMS Shortcuts & Secrets. Here’s the first two that I’ve done: When I get […]


Lock Timeouts & Memory (Dear SQL DBA Episode 37)

The dev server got bogged down during a deployment and lock timeouts were everywhere. Was the perfmon counter way off about how much memory was being used just for locks? In this 19 minute episode… 00:33 What’s new @ SQL Workbooks: Down the Rabbit Hole 03:00 This week’s question about lock timeouts & memory in […]


Reviving Healthy Work Habits: Toggl and Weekly Highlights

As I’ve gotten back into the swing of a more-or-less regular work schedule after the initial launch of SQL Workbooks, I’ve revived some of my favorite work habits and free tools. Tracking time with Toggl I’m a big fan of the time-tracking tool Toggl.  Their tools are easy to use, and even the free version […]


Why is My Transaction Log Growing in My Availability Group? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 36)

A database transaction log is expanding, even though the DBA is running log backups and doesn’t see an open transaction? What’s going on with this Availability Group? Links to timestamps in this 30 minute episode if you want to skip ahead 00:49 What’s new @ SQL Workbooks 03:22 Info on SQLPASS Summit 2017 Content Survey […]


New weekly newsletter: a SQL Server quiz, poll or cartoon each week

I’ve started up a weekly newsletter! Sign up, and each Tuesday you’ll get a link to a quick SQL Server quiz or poll in your inbox. Most weeks there will be a cartoon thrown in there, too. I’ll also give you the scoop on what’s new over at You’ll be the first to know about […]


When SQL Server Does NOT Use Write Ahead Logging (Dear SQL DBA Episode 35)

A few episodes ago, I talked about how learning about Write Ahead Logging was a light bulb moment for me, and helped me learn tons of concepts about backups and recovery. This week, we talk about when SQL Server turns things upside down and doesn’t use write ahead logging: and what it has to do […]