Dear SQL DBA-46-I Faked My Resume

“I faked my resume… now what?” (video with transcript)

This week’s question from a reader: “How do I deal with interview questions asking about real-world scenarios when I’ve faked three years of experience on my resume?” Hear my answer in this 14 minute video. No time to watch right now or read the transcript below? Listen on the go! This is available in podcast […]


How to Get Email Notifications for TSQLTuesday

Lots of us want to write for TSQL Tuesday, but aren’t always on Twitter at the right time each month to see when the announcement comes out using the #tsql2sday hash tag. And maybe we have an RSS feed set up, but we often get behind on a big pile of posts to read. (Guilty!) […]


Recruiters, Nerves, and Saying ‘No’ in Interviews (video with transcript)

In this episode of “Dear SQL DBA”, I talk about three articles written by members of the SQL Server community on interviewing that I can’t stop thinking about: “Playing the Third Party Recruiter Game”, by Adam Machanic – read it here “I Hate Interviews”, by Rob Sewell – read it here “Learning to say ‘No’” by Mark […]


Interviewing Patterns & Anti-Patterns: Advice from the SQL Server Community

I’m glad I picked interviewing as the topic of TSQL Tuesday #93, because people wrote posts chock full of great advice and funny stories. Get ready to learn, be amazed, and laugh out loud as you read these posts, which I’ve indexed by the author’s first name. Don’t blame these authors for the dorky jokes […]


The Story of an Interview Flop

Welcome to T-SQL Tuesday #93! Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about interviewing come from an interview experience that meant a ton to me — and all my dreams came crashing down. No time to watch? Scroll down, a transcript is below Or listen on the go! This is available in podcast format on iTunes , on […]


TSQL Tuesday #93: Interviewing Patterns & Anti-Patterns

Welcome to T-SQL Tuesday for August 2017! T-SQL Tuesday is a chance for you to join in the SQL Server community and write a blog post on a suggested topic. You can use this as a way to start a new blog, dust off a blog you haven’t used in a while, or make it […]