How to use the interview questions (2 minutes)

Part of "Problem Queries in Table Partitioning (1 hour 30 minutes)"

You can use these questions to prepare yourself to ace your next job interview, or maybe ask them of your next candidate.


It’s time for some sample interview questions.

You can use these interview questions if you’re interviewing a candidate, or you can practice answering them to get ready for upcoming job interviews.

Here’s how to use them

Watch the question video. Think about the question and practice giving your answer out loud. It’s important to answer out loud.

It feels ridiculous, trust me, I know that being in a room by yourself talking out loud is hard to get used to. I do it a lot!

The more you do it, the better you’re going to get at it and the more comfortable you will feel answering these questions.

There’s things you may know in your head that just come out funny when you put them into words. The more comfortable you get putting them into words, the better you’ll get at it, even if you trip over your words like I do a lot. You can make up for it better, react to it better, and you’ll come off as being more of ace in that interview situation because you won’t be as stressed.

Watch the answer video and check out what I have to say, and then just think about, is there anything you’d answer differently? Maybe you still like your answer better than mine – that’s totally cool! But, if you think, oh, you know, I could do a better job and you want to incorporate some of the points I mention, head back and try it again.

Interviewing is really all about practice, so use these videos to tune your own skills.