Welcome and setup (3 minutes)

Part of "SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts and Secrets (1 hour 30 minutes)"

Let’s get you set up. It’s easy!

This is worth doing so you can step through the demos yourself. Go ahead, get your hands dirty :)

1. Download WideWorldImporters-Full.bak (database backup)

Grab WideWorldImporters-Full.bak from Microsoft’s github drop: https://github.com/Microsoft/sql-server-samples/releases/tag/wide-world-importers-v1.0

2) Install sp_WhoIsActive

This step is optional - the procedure is only needed for one demo. But it’s a cool demo, and a handy tool, and it’s fast to download!

Get Adam Machanic’s free sp_WhoIsActive from http://whoisactive.com.

3) Make sure you have the latest copy of SQL Server Management Studio

There have been a lot of changes, so make sure you have the latest and greatest client tools: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/download-sql-server-management-studio-ssms

Transcript of the video

Welcome to SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts and Secrets. I’m Kendra Little from SQLWorkbooks.com.

In this course, you’re going to see loads of demos, and you don’t just have to watch. You can follow along yourself! You can grab all of the demo scripts from this course and use Developer Edition for SQL Server 2016, which is totally free.

Follow along and get your hands dirty.

I think that you’ll find that by trying out new things, you’ll make using Management Studio, not only easier, but also more fun.

Let’s go ahead and dive into the first demo

I’m running SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition. I’ve done a few things to prepare for the demo scripts. I have downloaded the WideWorldImporters sample database from Microsoft, and I have restored it to my test instance with the script in 00-Setup.SQL.

Now, if you’ve got different drives, different folder locations, adapt it as needed to your own system and this will restore over any existing copy of WideWorldImporters that you had. Hopefully that’s not your production database name. Only do this in a very safe test environment, right?

Second of all, I’ve installed sp_WhoIsActive. sp_WhoIsActive is a free stored procedure from a fellow named Adam Machanic, and it’s really cool. It says, hey, what’s running on my SQL Server? How long has it been running? What kind of queries is it running? We’ll use that in one demo. If you don’t want to install it, it’s okay. You’ll see what we’re doing and you can adapt that demo to a different procedure.

I also have made sure that I have the latest copy of SQL Server Management Studio, the client tool. You can download this for free from Microsoft, and you can install the latest version side-by-side with a previous version.

If you’re not ready to commit, that’s okay. You can have more than one Management Studio, but I am going to show you some features that are only in recent versions of Management Studio.

So, to get started in our demo, I’m going to go ahead and hit my first shortcut. I’m going to hit control + e to execute this script and restore over my copy of WideWorldImporters.

Look at that, we’re all set up and ready to go.