How to use the interview questions (1 minute)

Are you a candidate? Or are you hiring? These can help either way.


Let’s get to some interview questions.

If you’re practicing for an interview, I recommend that you watch the question first and then, before watching the answer, take the time to answer the question out loud. It’s fine to be alone when you do this, because if someone else is watching TV they’re going to be annoyed by you because, really, you don’t want to just do this in your head.

You want to say the words out loud. I know it feels goofy talking by yourself in a room alone. It’s what’s happening right now.

If you don’t like your answer and you think, oh, I could do better, watch the question again and practice the answer again. This will make real interviews that you do much smoother. It will make you much more confident and it will help you out a ton, even though they’re going to be asking you different questions, unless they happen to watch this video.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if both of you watched this and you walk in and you actually get the practice questions? It could happen, and maybe it will happen to you. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at interviewing and the more fun you’ll have while you’re doing it, so let’s get to those questions.