Learn Indexing by Solving Problems (7 hours 23 minutes)

SQL Server asks for a lot of indexes — but it does NOT always ask for the right index!

You need to know the essential principles of index design to create the best nonclustered index, filtered index, or indexed view to speed up your critical queries.

This live virtual seminar was recorded in June 2018.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of creating disk-based, rowstore indexes in SQL Server in two four-hour sessions.


Grab all scripts for the course here: https://github.com/LitKnd/SQLWorkbooks/tree/main/learn_indexing_by_solving_problems

SQL Server & SSMS info

To practice writing and running queries, you want a dedicated test instance of SQL Server – one where you can do whatever you want and not need to worry about it bothering anyone else. It does NOT have to be anything fancy for this course, I personally run SQL Server on my laptop on a Virtual Machine.

I recommend using SQL Server Developer Edition, which is free for learning - this page has download links.

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is also free, you can download the latest version here.