How to Decode Memory Pressure (4 hours)

SQL Server doesn’t make it easy to see if your SQL Server is under memory pressure, or if someone goofed when configuring the memory settings on your critical production instances.

Note: this webinar was recorded in 2018. This topic is not as “evergreen” as some: note that memory management changes as both SQL Server and the operating system it is on evolves.

In this recorded SQL Seminar, you’ll learn…

  • How to tell when SQL Server is under external memory pressure
  • What it looks like when SQL Server uses the paging file, and guidelines to configure paging files, max server memory (MB), and min server memory (MB) settings in SQL Server
  • When to grant the ‘Lock Pages in Memory’ privilege to SQL Server
  • How to monitor buffer pool usage and predict if giving your SQL Server more memory would improve performance
  • How to identify and troubleshoot query workspace memory waits
  • How much memory to give Standard Edition for different versions of SQL Server – and why it can sometimes use more than you think


Grab the scripts here:

This course has a single lesson