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Watch: Can This Team Succeed at DevOps? Panel discussion

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I recently participated in a panel discussion for the SQL PASS DevOps virtual chapter. If you didn’t make the meeting, you can catch our 90 minute discussion here about how to make three different teams successful at database DevOps: Abstract: DevOps sounds great in theory, but in reality it’s tricky to transform your people, process, and tools. In this interactive, poll-packed panel discussion, we will use real-world scenarios to clarify what DevOps principles are and how they help reduce manual work and improve productivity for software developers and database administrators. We’ll step through situations that are tricky when it comes to making database changes, sharing patterns to avoid and how to approach and conquer problematic entrenched processes. This session is designed to be accessible to both beginners and advanced practitioners: we’ll talk through definitions of DevOps terms and patterns and will encourage audience discussion. Your panelists: Kendra Little – Product Evangelist, RedgateHamish Watson…
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What ‘Digital Transformation’ Means, and How You Can Use It to Advance Your Career (video)

I recently spoke at the GroupBy free online conference. It was loads of fun, and the recordings from the event are now available. Here’s the hour long session I presented. Check out more free GroupBy sessions here. Session abstract: Whether you love or hate buzzwords, the big ones signify critical cultural changes. In this session, Kendra Little will explain what executives mean when they describe a ‘digital transformation’, why this transformation is happening across all industries, and how understanding this gives developers and database administrators an advantage in building their careers. You will learn what motivates CEOs to modify their business models in a digital transformation, and patterns and anti-patterns of companies that have attempted these transformations – with different results. You’ll leave the session with an understanding of the core ideas and philosophies behind digital transformation that will help you prioritize what to learn, guide your interactions at work,…
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Free Session: The Mystery of Query Timeouts

I’m giving a webinar tomorrow! (Do people still use the word webinar? Was that just incredibly uncool?) There’s still spots open, so register today. Here’s a drawing from my slide deck and what I’ll be talking about. Note: This is part of Triage Tuesdays, a set of free weekly sessions from Brent Ozar PLF. Look for more good stuff coming soon. July 26 – The Mystery of Query Timeouts Brent Ozar PLF Tuesday Tech Triage, 9:30 AM Pacific / 11:30AM Central / Noon thirty Eastern “People are complaining about query timeouts. I don’t see anything happening in SQL Server, but they always say the database is the problem. How can I tell what’s really going on?” When your users keep hitting timeouts in their application, they naturally think the database is killing off helpless queries. In this webinar Kendra Little will tell you how to triage treacherous timeout situations and collect…
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Write down your presentation ideas - you don't need PowerPoint for this.

How to Make a Presentation: Writing Versus PowerPoint

How do you make your next PowerPoint presentation great? We all know that PowerPoint presentations can be horrible. This Isn’t a Powerpoint How To. It’s How To Make a Presentation. The most common mistake in making a presentation is getting started in PowerPoint or Keynote right away. If you dive in to PowerPoint too soon you will over complicate your slides. Your narrative will be stronger if you start by taking a larger, more strategic view of your presentation. These steps will show you how to make a logical, complete presentation. 1. Write Down Your Presentation Ideas Constantly Pre PowerPoint / Keynote (Time: a few minutes each day) You get ideas a lot. Write them down in Evernote or jot them in a notebook you carry with you. Put down enough specifics so later you have some idea what the details were and why you liked it. You don’t need…
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24 Hours of Rad: 24HOP Spring 2011 Recap

This past Tuesday and Wednesday (March 15-16) were 24Hours of SQL PASS. On Tuesday I presented my talk, “No More Bad Dates: Best Practices Using Temporal Data.” It was tons of fun to give, and afterward I was so happy to see that I’d gotten mad love from the SQL Twitterverse. You guys make me feel awesome. And even more than that, you make me want to research and write a hundred presentations. Y’all Made Me Promise: Watch this Space for the No More Bad Dates Poster In the Q & A for the talk, you requested that I provide a sample cheat sheet. I’m plugging in my electronic pen and I hereby promise to roll one of those out to you in the form of a custom poster. Keep watching this space, it’ll be here soon. (I have a couple technical blog posts I am ITCHING to write. And itching…
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