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Sharing a YouTube Video on Wordpress- The Embed URL

Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress Blog Posts

I came to YouTube late in life. For years, I used it so rarely that I usually couldn’t remember if it was “YouTube” or “UTube”. No matter who you are, your mom is very likely more experienced at using YouTube than I am. It’s OK, I gave up on being cool many years ago. These days, I actually use YouTube pretty regularly– and it’s great! I use it for SQL Server training videos. We have a YouTube channel which holds all our free training videos for Brent Ozar PLF. It embeds nicely with WordPress, and it’s free and easy for people to access. The Standard Way to Embed Videos in WordPress The standard way to embed videos in WordPress is just to insert the URL from the video straight into the text of the post. You visit a video (like this one), click the ‘Share’ button, and you get the…
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Why You Should Create A Speaker Resume

Speakers and presenters of all types: do you keep a list of past and future speaking engagements online? You should. A speaker resume is an easy tool to grow your career and get better speaking engagements. Conferences care about your speaking history If you submitted a presentation to the SQL PASS Summit this year, you were asked to enter your speaking history. Why? When you run a large conference, it’s hard to know every single speaker who applies. If speakers provide their history and a biography, it’s easier to recognize people. If speakers provide a biography that lists their blog and an online speaker history, it’s much easier to get a sense of how long the person has been speaking. Future employers care about your speaking history Do your future self a favor– record all the hard work you’re doing now. If you’re presenting on one or more topics at…
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Writing a Technical Blog: Why to do it and what to write about

Recently I read Paul Randal’s ( blog | twitter ) post, “So you want to blog about SQL Server?” and it got me to thinking. Why do I blog about SQL Server, anyway? Why do I recommend it? Write out of selfishness. I do! Yep. This blog is me doing something for me. And it works: it helps me a lot. Writing blog posts isn’t easy. Most posts some require lots of thinking, putting together scripts, scratching my head when they don’t work right, trying again. There’s the time it takes to upload images, to get them aligned properly into posts, to get everything just right. It’s work. And it’s work I do all on my own time. Regularly. But writing regularly about SQL Server has become a very valuable part of my learning process. Writing a nerdy blog makes you smarter Blogging about a topic helps you: Slow down…
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2010 liner notes and my theme for 2011

The MorningNews asked the following question recently: Who you would recognize in your 2010 liner notes? To all the people in your lives (maybe you know them, maybe you don’t) who deserve shout-outs, a la the album’s notes, the book’s acknowledgments, the piece’s title, the award’s dedication. Who would you include in your 2010 acceptance speech? Maybe your fifth grade teacher, the buddy who got you through a brutal summer, the musician who had you walking tall during a particular slog. My grandparents A lot changed in 2010 Sometimes life moves fast, whether you expect it or not. In 2010 I changed jobs, moved house, and I’m in a new relationship. My last grandparent passed away. I remembered that life is finite. 2010 – The liner notes To My Mamaw: You not only taught me how to draw, you taught me how to love it, and how to be patient…
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