New Free Course: The Dirty Secrets of NOLOCK

I’m excited to begin moving over courses from SQL Workbooks and making the material available here. The first course up for grabs is The Dirty Secrets of NOLOCK.

A little bit about the course

What happens when you use NOLOCK hints in your code, or set your isolation level to READ UNCOMMITTED in SQL Server? In 50 minutes of online videos, you will learn what NOLOCK means, why NOLOCK can return incorrect results (and other problems), what allocation order scans are (and how to get them), and other risks and options for reading uncommitted data.

Course lessons include:

  • What is NOLOCK? (3 minutes)
  • The dirtiest secret: NOLOCK returns garbage data (10 minutes)
  • The fast alternative to NOLOCK: indexing (5 minutes)
  • Why NOLOCK is a misnomer (7 minutes)
  • Bad phenomena that can occur under NOLOCK (2 minutes)
  • Uses for NOLOCK: admin queries and garbage data (5 minutes)
  • Allocation order scans (13 minutes)
  • A common error with NOLOCK (6 minutes)

The course is free, but please donate if you find it helpful

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