Thinking About Robert Davis

It’s been more than a year and a half since Robert Davis passed away. I wrote a bit about Robert’s passing last April. I haven’t written about him since, but I think about Robert a lot.

I think about Robert when I work on a tough problem that he would have found interesting, when chatting about database nerdery on Twitter, when preparing for a conference or training that I know he would have been excited to attend. I remember him when I get a great new photo of one of my dogs, because I know he would have loved to see it.

When I remember Robert now, I remember how delighted he was to solve all sorts of puzzles, and I remember the sound of his laughter. He helps me try to remember to be kind. To be more helpful to others.

I don’t have a big takeaway or piece of insight from this post. I simply wanted to write something about our friend who isn’t with us anymore, because he continues to make an impact on my world.

Wish you were still here, friend.

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  • I thought about him this morning as I was trying to explain something that happened that should be impossible – just the kind of thing I would have turned to him about. Still missing his presence.

  • I’ve been thinking about him a lot recently too. In a group of people who love to help others he still managed stand in a class all his own.

  • coincidence or not, I was just demo-ing some hidden features of SQL, based on Robert’s legacy, just few days ago.

  • I will never forget the first time I met Robert on an elevator at the Weston for a Pass Summit. He was so friendly to help and give advice. I have been thinking about him this week as I get mentally prepped to travel to Seattle.


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