How Developers and DBAs Collaborate in a DevOps World (video)

You’re a DBA, and your development team is all-in on doing DevOps, and they want to include the database. Should your DBA team limit the permissions or options for automation? Or should you instead re-think how your two teams work together?

In this 40 minute episode, Kendra discusses DevOps team topologies, the changing role of DBA teams in DevOps, and the opportunities available in creating communities of practice around database development.

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Bookmarks of topics covered

00:30 – Our question, from a DBA
7:00 – Why bother with DevOps?
9:23 – Team topologies, aka rethinking how the teams work together. This discussion includes notes on where and when DBAs review changes and talk about architecture in a DevOps way of working.
21:20 – Changing the DBA role from gatekeepers to internal consultants
32:30 – Creating a community of practice
38:38 – Recap and wrap up

Links from the video

DevOps Topologies –

Communities of Practice –

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  • John Langston
    June 13, 2019 12:21 pm

    I am a fan of the Visible Ops Handbook published by the IT Process Institute. Not a road map but best practices. It also loops in a topic that might get overlooked and that is how an organization’s devops process intersects with the audit function. I do not see the DBA as the gatekeeper but knowing what is happening, when, because even with devops processes in place, the first stop when an issue arises can quite often be the DBA.


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