Upcoming full day training: “How to Architect Successful Database Changes”

I’m excited to be teaching a full day session with Steve Jones at the SQL PASS Summit on Tuesday, November 5, in Seattle.

Steve and I will be discussing proven patterns to version and deploy changes successfully

Read more about this precon session, or check out the video below where I give a brief overview of what Steve and I will cover.

Will you teach me how to use Redgate tools?

Nope– not in this session.

While Steve and I both work for Redgate, we will be showing patterns and approaches that work with both vendor and custom tooling, and we’ll do demos with a variety of tools, including free tools when possible. This is absolutely not a product-specific session, and the patterns discussed have been proven in the industry by developers and DBAs using a wide variety of tooling.

If you’d like to learn more about Redgate tools, check out the Redgate SQL in the City Summit Precon that will be held on Monday, November 4. That day of training has 100% different content, so if you’d like to go all-in on DevOps, join us for both!

Reserve your spot

You can currently register for an individual pre-conference session for $499, or bundle pre-conference sessions with the conference.

Hope to see you at PASS Summit!

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