Watch: Can This Team Succeed at DevOps? Panel discussion

I recently participated in a panel discussion for the SQL PASS DevOps virtual chapter.

Watch our discussion about how to make three different teams successful at database DevOps.

Session overview:

DevOps sounds great in theory, but in reality it’s tricky to transform your people, process, and tools.

In this interactive, poll-packed panel discussion, we will use real-world scenarios to clarify what DevOps principles are and how they help reduce manual work and improve productivity for software developers and database administrators.

We’ll step through situations that are tricky when it comes to making database changes, sharing patterns to avoid and how to approach and conquer problematic entrenched processes.

This session is designed to be accessible to both beginners and advanced practitioners: we’ll talk through definitions of DevOps terms and patterns and will encourage audience discussion.

Your panelists:

  • Kendra Little - Product Evangelist, Redgate
  • Hamish Watson - Alchemist, Morph iT
  • William Durkin - Data Platform Architect, Data Masterminds
  • Rob Sewell - Beard Twizzler