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There has never been a better time to start a project to champion data privacy

In a recent Harris poll sponsored by the payment company Stripe, over 1,000 C-level executives were asked to rate which factors they feel are most threatening to their business.

The #1 item that executives rated as “somewhat” or “very” threatening to the success of their business is security / data breaches. The #2 rated threat to these businesses? Increased regulation

Data masking mitigates these top threats

One of my very first jobs when I began in IT was to build out environments for developer and test teams at a software development company. At first, we didn’t mask any of this data. After problems arose, we began masking only a single field. That was a huge mistake.

In this upcoming free webcast, I’ll share the following in just 30 minutes:

  • Why data professionals have a history of neglecting privacy (just like I did in that first job)
  • The three industry drivers for data masking
  • Why regulations have become a top risk to C-level executives
  • Key elements of static data masking tools to consider when evaluating products
  • Pains that people run into when implementing data masking (and how Redgate tools address those pains)
  • An overview of the data masking process
  • Next steps to take in making a case for a data masking project at your organization

Now is the time to become a privacy champion

Whether or not you are an IT leader, a developer, or a DBA, right now you have a huge opportunity to make a difference for your organization,  your customers, and your own career by championing privacy.

Yep, your own career! Those top two C-level concerns mentioned at the beginning of this post means that initiating projects like data masking and seeing them through from proof-of-concept to implementation is a big resume-building career move. That’s true whether you choose a Redgate solution, or use the information in this webinar to go a different route. 

Join me in this upcoming webinar to learn the initial steps that you can make to instigate changes in your company — and to help mitigate the top risks that are keeping C-level executives up at night.

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