PASS Summit 2018 - Keynote Day 2 Commentary

It’s the second main-session day of the Summit for the Professional Association of SQL Server. I had a great breakfast this morning with Brent Ozar, along with Nathan and James from my first timer group. If you attend Summit for the first time in the future, this is a great program and you should join up.

Kendra Little and Malathi Mahadevan before the keynote

Like yesterday, I’m going to capture the highlights into a slide deck and publish them below. Let’s do this!

Highlights… and lowlights

So… I didn’t love it today. I have some comments in the slides as to why.

As a presenter, and as someone who can influence event organizers, I have a lot to reflect on after today about how we can improve at inspiring people across cultures and genders in an international community. That’s the positive takeaway I have.

PASS Summit 2018 Keynote Day 2 Comments and Notes from Kendra Little