Dear SQL DBA: Remembering Robert Davis, DBA Hero

What makes a person a DBA Hero? In this episode, I talk about how Robert Davis made a huge impact on the SQL Server community, and the traits that Robert displayed that I hope to emulate.

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  • Michael Pearce
    August 2, 2018 4:30 pm

    I’m so glad you did this. Robert helped me out many times by either messaging with me directly or by my reading his responses to other’s questions. More importantly Robert was my gateway drug into the SQL community. Robert was the first SQL person I followed on Twitter. One day I saw him light-heartedly going back and forth with some guy named Adam Machanic. Robert mentioned that Adam was one of the instructors when he got his master’s certification. I was now following two SQL people and it kept going. I follow a lot of SQL folks these days. Even though I’ve only communicated with a few of them I feel like I’m part of a warm, accepting community. As a result I’ve become passionate about working with SQL. It has changed my work life and made the last bunch of years of my career some of the most fulfilling. Though we never met, and only spoke online a few times, I will always consider Robert a friend.


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