Two Free Sessions Next Week: Fighting Bad Data and Deadlocks

I am excited and honored to be giving two free online sessions next week. Both events are sponsored by the fine folks over at Quest Software.

Why is That Data Wrong? How Choosing the Wrong Isolation Level Causes Bad Results

Tuesday, June 12, Noon Pacific 24 Hours of PASS, Sponsored by Quest Software

If you haven’t thought much about isolation levels in SQL Server, chances are your applications can return inconsistent data to your users: data that looks completely wrong. If your user re-runs their report or reloads their screen, the data may look right the second time… but after this happens, your customer feels that they can’t trust your data.

In this session, you will learn why we have “isolation levels,” and how the read committed isolation level works by default in SQL Server. You’ll see how easy it is to make a query return inconsistent results using these default settings, and why this is allowed to happen. We’ll dig into an example where blocking causes a query to return “impossible” query results. You’ll leave the session with a fresh understanding of why choosing the right isolation level is critical to the success of your applications.

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DBA vs Deadlock: How to Out-Index a Deadly Blocking Scenario

Thursday, June 14, 8:30 AM Pacific Sponsored by Quest Software

Deadlocks strike fear into the hearts of even seasoned DBAs — but they don’t have to!

In this session, you’ll get the code to cause a sample deadlock in SQL Server. You’ll see how to interpret the deadlock graph to find out where the conflict lies, and how to design an index to make the deadlock disappear. You’ll leave the session with the steps you need to confidently tackle future deadlocks.

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See you next week!