Watch my live session: When Partitioning Indexes Hurts Performance (and How to Fix It)

I’m very that my session on table partitioning from the 2017 SQL PASS Summit is being featured as one of the “Best of Summit” videos.

I had a terrific time presenting this session, thanks to everyone in the audience: you were awesome!

You can watch the video here, and follow the link above to see even more great videos from the conference for free.

Technical notes

Around 26 minutes in, I’m talking about hash match operators and I mention tempdb. Hugo Korneilis pointed out on Twitter that hash matches don’t always spill to tempdb. That’s totally correct– I should have said that this happens on a memory scratch pad that may spill to a place called tempdb.

If you’re curious about spills, here is a good article by Remus Rusanu on the topic.