SSMS Shortcuts & Secrets - Live Webcast Edition (video)

Last week, I had a great time giving a webcast for the terrific DBA Fundamentals Virtual Chapter. If you like free online training, check them out and sign up for future events.

Steve and Shane were kind enough to record and share the video of the live session. This video covers shortcuts to manage and switch between sessions, tips and shortcuts for managing Intellisense, and a few stupid pet tricks.

We had lots of fun, and I was delighted to get suggestions from the audience for their favorite keyboard shortcuts to open Object Explorer, and to dock windows. (Thanks Claudio and Michael!)

Want to grab the cheat sheet and the wallpaper?

Get that, plus more SSMS Shortcuts and Secrets, in my free online course.

And don’t worry: as we get more enhancements and awesome changes in SSMS, I’ll keep the course and cheat sheet updated.