Shortcut Update: Toggling Intellisense in SSMS

I like to use the keyboard whenever I can in SQL Server Management Studio. It’s not always easy to remember every shortcut though– especially when those shortcuts change!

Since around the SQL Server 2012 era, you’ve been able to switch Intellisense on or  off on SSMS with the shortcut chord: CTRL + Q, CTRL + I. I remembered this as “Control Quacky Intellisense.”

Times change, and so do shortcuts

SSMS v 17.2 brought some improvements for Intellisense: it now works against Azure SQL Database!

It also appears to have changed the shortcut chord to toggle Intellisense on and off, though. This is now the chord: CTRL + B, CTRL + I.

So now I’ll remember this as “Control Baffling Intellisense,”  I guess.

Or you can pick whatever you favorite “B” word is ;)

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