Register for Upcoming Free Webcasts on Indexes, Stats Maintenance, Query Tuning, and More

I’ve got a whole bunch of free, live webcasts scheduled on SQL Server training! I’d love for you to join me for these sessions.

  • Thu, June 8, 10AM Pacific - Should Developers Manage Index Maintenance?
  • Thu, June 22, 10AM Pacific - Why an Index and Statistics Can Make a Query Slower
  • Thu, June 29, 10AM Pacific - Statistics Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions
  • Thu, July 6, 10AM Pacific - SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts & Secrets
  • Thu, July 13, 10AM Pacific - The Weird, Wonderful World of Partitioned and Columnstore Indexes in Execution Plans
  • Thu, July 20,10AM Pacific - How to Identify the Most Important Queries to Tune

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