New Freebie Course: SSMS Shortcuts & Secrets

SQL Server Management Studio is so full of tiny buttons and options that it can be easy to miss out on secrets that could make your life easier and more fun.

I’ve got a new online course that shows you my favorite secret tricks and goodies in SSMS!.

This course is a little different: each lesson is a super-quick reference

When it comes to learning to use shortcuts in SSMS, I like to have a really quick demo, so I can immediately go practice.

Each lesson in this reference:

  • Has a silent video with visual cues – no speakers or headphones are required
  • Is one minute or less
  • Asks your opinion in a one question, anonymous poll. Take the poll to see how everyone else voted!

Shortcuts and secrets in the reference

Open Sessions and Execute Queries

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: New Session, Use Database, Autocomplete TSQL, Execute Query, Show/Hide Results
  • Set Keyboard Shortcuts for Favorite Stored Procedures

Write and Edit TSQL

  • Script Table and Column Names by Dragging from Object Explorer
  • Use the Splitter Bar when Editing Large Scripts
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Indent & UnIndent / Comment & UnComment
  • Configure Object Explorer to Script Compression and Partition Schemes for Indexes
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Quick Find in Session, and Replace Tabs with Spaces
  • Formatting: Regular Expressions to Add End-Lines, Type on Multiple Lines At Once

This course will grow over time

I’ll be adding lots more goodies to this course! I’ve already got more secrets in mind, plus I’m working on a poster.

You’ll automatically get these after you enroll. Just mark the lessons “complete” when you finish them, and new lessons will be easy to identify when they’re added.

Take the free course.