Recent Posts on Missing Indexes, Clones, and Fighting Blocking

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Just a quick note that isn’t just for training videos — I am blogging about SQL Server over there, too. You can subscribe to posts at the bottom of the page, or add the site to your favorite RSS feed reader.

I’ve recently written posts on missing index requests, the trials of the Database Tuning Advisor, DBCC CLONEDATABASE, and fighting blocking. There will be lots more technical posts to come over there.

Will I stop writing here on

I plan to keep up at least one post a week here on I really enjoy this site, and I want to keep writing for it.

I haven’t fully figured out how I’ll separate the writing between the websites. It’s likely that I’ll post on technical topics at, and write about the process of making videos, designing demos, and writing training materials over here at I’ll do what feels right and I think it’ll all work itself out just fine.

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