Free Poster: Troubleshooting SQL Server After a Migration or Upgrade

Here's a tiny preview. Click the link to the left for the whole poster.

Here’s a tiny preview. Click the link to the left for the whole poster.

I had so much fun doing the podcast episode last week on why an upgrade / migration can cause performance problems that I drew out the concepts for troubleshooting perf after an upgrade.

Here’s the download:

[wpdm_package id=’5408′]

Production notes:

  • This drawing was make with Autodesk Sketchbook, a really fun art program (with a decent free version, too!)
  • Thanks to TJay Belt for suggesting I should start drawing dragons. This is just a start, more dragons will be coming soon.

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  • Joe Burdette
    July 26, 2016 1:23 pm

    new poster is awesome, hilarious and helpful at the same time!

  • Hi Kendra,

    I’m wondering if some (or most) of these troubleshooting performance checks are valid even without a migration.
    It seems these are checks that should be done anyway, regardless of a migration or not.
    Some make sense in a migration scenario, i.e. comparing wait stat samples pre-migration baseline vs post-migration, but some checks like SQL Server Settings and Hardware Bottlenecks seem to me like they would apply at any time.

    Would that be correct?

    Disclaimer: I’m just a BI Developer, and not a DBA. 🙂

    – John

    P.S. YAAAS MOAR (non-real) DRAGONS!

    • I think it does work that way, too! When I was working on this, I was thinking of many of them in terms of comparing them to the older server, but if you take out that aspect, I think there’s a lot of general performance tuning in it. (Albeit in an unprioritized format.)

      Even on SQL Servers that I’ve managed more closely, I’m always a fan of zooming out and looking at the whole thing, including the hardware, because it’s so easy to miss stuff that’s right in front of your face if you don’t look for it specifically.

  • I love this! Thanks for sharing the info and your art!

  • manishkumar1980
    September 20, 2016 9:51 pm

    Picture worth of thousand tricks/solution. Thank You.


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