Learn Index Tuning at the PASS Summit in 2016!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving a pre-conference session on index tuning, plus a general session on locking and blocking at the PASS Summit in Seattle this October! Here’s a description and a video to tell you all about these sessions.

SQL Server Index Formulas: Problems and Solutions

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016
All day training session – $495
PASS Summit Preconference training day – Register here

Every SQL Server developer must know the essentials of clustered and non-clustered index design to build fast and reliable applications. You need scripts to show when a new non-clustered index, filtered index, or indexed view will improve performance on a live SQL Server workload, and the skills to design the best index.

In this example-packed full-day session, you will work through a series of problems and solutions to learn how to create and tune indexes. You will learn how to select and order key columns, when included columns help, when to use special indexes, and when to drop indexes. You will see how SQL Server 2016’s new Query Store feature offers you new tools for improving your indexes, and how Query Store compares to index dynamic management views.

You’ll leave with all the scripts for the problems and solutions covered in the course, plus a set of additional exercises to keep building your index skills.

Register for this day of learning on the SQLPASS website.

The Great Performance Robbery: Locking Problems and Solutions

Exact date TBD  (Oct 26-28, 2016)
75 minutes
PASS Summit general session – Register for the SQLPASS conference here

Your SQL Server is slow, and you suspect blocking. You need to identify the culprit and plan the right solution at the lowest cost. In this session you will work through three common scenarios where blocking problems steal your performance and leave you frustrated. You will learn how to cut through the confusion with the right scripts to prove your case and justify your solution.

I hope to see you in Seattle this fall!

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  • Derek B. Bell
    June 24, 2016 10:56 am

    I am so excited, since this will be my first PASS Summit. I’m already registered to attend the Tuesday pre-conference, but do I need to specifically register for your session?

    • Oh, your first summit! That’s awesome, and I’m honored you’ll attend my pre-con.

      For the general session, you don’t need to register. You can find the session on the pass site in the search and add it as a favorite. That helps give them an idea of what size room to put it in, but doesn’t guarantee you a seat.

      I can’t find a way to link to the session that has the “add to favorite” button, but if you go here and search for “robbery”, it comes up 🙂



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