Links and Notes from "SQL Server Index Formulas", Huntington Beach

I gave a day long session, “SQL Server Index Formulas, Problems and Solutions” in Huntington Beach, CA on April 1. The class was a great group of students, and we had a lively discussion and lots of questions.

Here’s a topic we diagrammed in class, as well as links to extra resources.


What are the costs/overhead of each nonclustered B tree index? (List made by the class)

  • Inserts, updates, deletes - CPU and IO to keep each index current
  • Space used by the index on disk
  • Space used by the index in memory
  • Overhead of statistics on the index - this need to be maintained by the SQL Server as data changes
  • Index maintenance - resources to check indexes for fragmentation and perform maintenance. Instance performance is impacted while this is running
  • Space in backups / time the backups take to complete
  • Resources required to check for corruption (DBCC CHECKDB)

SQL Server Developer Edition is now free for SQL Server 2014 (and 2016 when it releases)

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