Three Inspiring Articles to Read This Week

It’s mid-February. New Year’s is gone, but it’s not springtime yet. Don’t get downtrodden – get inspired. Browse these articles and pick out one way you’re going to finish winter in rockstar style.


“How to Ask for Help via Email (and Actually Get It)” by Leo Wildrich

Asking for help is good for you. It’s even good for the people who help you. Get the perfect formula here. (If you’ve got time, the comments are also interesting.)

“3 Things that Happen to Your Life When You Stop Taking Things Personally” by Tara-Nichollle Nelson

I’m no tennis fan, but I found this article’s narrative about Serena Williams fascinating and inspiring. Read it here.

“Learning Fluency” by Sara Simon

This is a long read. If you’re struggling learning a language or technology and sometimes wonder, “is it worth it?” then this is the perfect article for you. Sara makes a case for memorization and taking the long road in learning technology. “Study hard, study diligently, and every day you will see progress.