Join me at SQLBits for a Day of Index Design and Tuning

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Liverpool Exhibition Centre
One day session
£349 until April 9, 2016. £399 thereafterThis training day has sold out!

I will be presenting this session in a Training Day at the SQLBits conference in Liverpool, UK. Reserve your seat for this one day session here.

This course teaches you index tuning in just one day

This training session is all new material, and it’s got more demo scripts and examples than I’ve ever shown before. You’ll get all of those scripts to use on your own, plus more examples to work through after the session to keep on learning and growing.

You’ll learn:

  • Why choosing the right key column order can make a huge difference in query performance
  • How included columns can be used in more ways than you might expect
  • Good and bad formulas for clustered indexes and guidelines to keep your table schema efficient
  • When indexed views will make your queries faster and how to avoid pitfalls with them in both Standard and Enterprise Edition
  • How to find and interpret index requests from SQL Server’s “missing index” feature
  • How to identify which queries need indexes the most using the execution plan cache and SQL Server 2016 Query Store
  • How to identify the paradigms where table partitioning shines
  • What partition elimination is, why it’s critical to query performance, and how to tell if it’s happening in your queries
  • Scenarios where Partitioned Views are the best fit

£349 until April 9, 2016. £399 thereafter. Register here!

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