What Y'All All Thought of Me at SQL Rally

A few weeks back, I presented on SQL Server Table Partitioning at the first SQLRally conference. The event was energizing and fun– there were great conversations and I sat in on fun sessions. I particularly enjoyed Todd Robinson’s session on caching with App Fabric.

SQL Server Table Partitioning My session on Table Partitioning was in the first group on Friday morning. People got up bright and early and the room filled right up– there were people standing at the back.

I had a great time giving the talk. People asked really good questions, and their timing was great, too. I love questions that make the presentation more rich and get the audience involved. For me, the talk was a huge success: we got into the key reasons to use the features, the considerations on where to use it, and covered how it works, and we did it together.

But How Was It For You? The Ratings

54 people filled out evaluations, which was about half of the people in the room. Here is the average score I got (out of five) by the survey question asked.

  1. How would you rate the Speaker’s ability to convey information and control the presentation? 4.852
  2. How would you rate the Speaker’s knowledge of the subject? 4.944
  3. How would you rate the accuracy of the session title and description to the actual session? 4.907
  4. How would you rate the speaker’s use of the allocated time to cover the topic/session? 4.630
  5. How would you rate your ability to follow along with the speaker’s examples/demonstrations? 4.556
  6. Please rate the practicality of the information presented. 4.849

The Comments

Participants were asked, “What could the speaker do to improve for future presentations?” This is a great question to have with evaluations.

Many comments were very positive:

  • Presenter seems like a leader in table partitioning, great confidence.
  • You rock! I learned a lot and want to use partitioning now!
  • Well done. Kendra is very knowledgeable and it came across very well.
  • Excellent knowledge transfer to audience.
  • Well organized and presented.
  • Buzzed by scripts
  • Very knowledgeable

And comments also offered advice:

  • Never used table partitioning. tough to follow for new topic.
  • Have longer sessions.
  • This session could have been longer
  • Talk about log growth when split.
  • Highlight color in SSMS was difficult to read and highlighting while discussing code.
  • Talk a little fast
  • Not speak so fast
  • Watch time so not rushed at the end.

Y’all Think I’m Smart!

That’s so great. I think that means I got a lot of information across.

Where To Go From Here?

Based on your feedback, it’s clear that I’m trying to pack too much information into the live presentation. I think you’re right on: My material is top-quality, but I need to edit. I need to slow down.

With a big topic in a limited time frame, I need to focus and convey less information, but I’ll still get more across. It’s just that simple.

I can do that! And I appreciate all the positive comments, too.

Thanks for your feedback, and thanks to everyone who helped make the SQLRally conference possible.