Andy Leonard’s great idea: SQLPeople events

Not too long ago, Andy Leonard (blog|twitter) dreamed up the idea to create the SQLPeople community. The community is forming around the stories and ideas of its members. The SQLPeople website shares stories.

I spoke at the first SQLPeople event!

And now SQLPeople events are starting: the first was held on Saturday, April 9 in Richmond, VA.

I am proud to have been among the speakers– it was a thoughtful and inspiring event. Other speakers included:

SQLPeople events are unique

Andy simply posed a question to speakers: What inspires you? What is your vision?

What a refreshing question! I love speaking about technical, practical topics, but being asked to step back and take a look at the larger view was a great reminder to also look at the long view. It was a challenge to think even bigger.

The format for the event included talks, interviews, videos, and lots of conversation with the audience.  It was great to have a single track and be able to hear everyone’s talk with the same group– and it was fantastic to see the different things that inspire us, and also the common threads that run through it all.

If there’s one way to describe what made this day different, it’s that it was not directly focused on training, it was focused on thinking.

It was an energizing day.

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If you like to think about data, check out, and attend a future event.

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  • Thanks Kendra!

    I loved your topic, slides, and delivery. I found the quotes you used a refreshing reminder of the forward-thinking of yesteryear, and how we need to simply implement the good ideas alsready out there. Thanks for re-igniting my interest in reading Drucker, for flying across the country, and for inspiring everyone who attended!

    You rock.


  • I would love to see this presentation (actually all of them)! Were they recorded? Can you blog about your talk so I know what your thoughts are on thoughts?

    • The presentations and interviews were recorded. Andy is editing them, which is very cool. I have a few blog posts I’m writing that go along with my talk, and things I’ve been inspired to look into after the event. The first went live today.

  • and thinking?


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