24 Hours of Rad: 24HOP Spring 2011 Recap

This past Tuesday and Wednesday (March 15-16) were 24Hours of SQL PASS.

On Tuesday I presented my talk, “No More Bad Dates: Best Practices Using Temporal Data.” It was tons of fun to give, and afterward I was so happy to see that I’d gotten mad love from the SQL Twitterverse.

You guys make me feel awesome. And even more than that, you make me want to research and write a hundred presentations.

Y’all Made Me Promise: Watch this Space for the No More Bad Dates Poster

In the Q & A for the talk, you requested that I provide a sample cheat sheet. I’m plugging in my electronic pen and I hereby promise to roll one of those out to you in the form of a custom poster.

Keep watching this space, it’ll be here soon. (I have a couple technical blog posts I am ITCHING to write. And itching isn’t fun, people.)

Check Me Out In Reruns

Recordings of presentations will be available in about a month. In the meantime, if you’d like to you can download my slide deck.

I Saw Lots of Cool Stuff

I watched as many sessions as I could manage to fit into my schedule. There was a really cool variety of subjects:  MDX, execution plans, index structures, reporting services, TSQL, SQL Azure and beyond. I made it to at least 10 sessions, and as Jes Borland (b | t) mentioned, I learned a ton about presenting as well as about SQL.


Thanks to all the other presenters for making it such a great two days. And thanks to SQLPASS and our organizing committe, Tom LaRock ( b | t) , Charley Hanania ( b | t) , Rob Farley ( b | t) , and Jorge Segarra ( b | t).

A special thanks to Peter Shire ( b | t) , for moderating my session and for Charley Hanania ( bt) for helping out and all the encouragement.

The Tweets: Framed

I was serious about framing my Twitter mentions. I crafted together a Google collage mosaic so I can remember them for a long time to come. (Click for a larger version).